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Publicy - A Neologism Up For Grabs

One neologism up for grabs. Take it if you want it. Use it freely. -Eric Publicy: ( Pub -lih-see): -noun 1. The quality or state of being public. 2. The usage of Internet-based social tools to live wholly or partially in public, opening oneself up to scrutiny, and receiving criticism and/or praise. When individuals do it, they share ambient intimacy with their social circles. ( See Leisa Reichelt ). When organizations do it, they demonstrate transparency and honesty with the public, often engaging in two-way conversations with patrons and detractors alike. (Unlike "Publicity", which carries a connotation of dishonesty and manipulation of one's brand identity) Addendum: "Publicy" is to "Publicity" as "Privacy" is to "Secrecy" I was looking for a word that had a more open and honest connotation than "publicity".  Jeff Jarvis calls it " publicnes s", but the similarity between "publicy"