Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Left to Right: Lessig Addressing Cato

Watch this video of Lawrence Lessig addressing Cato on the common problems facing the Left and Right. Lessig is no right-winger, but it's impressive how well he frames his message to reveal what causes they have in common.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Publicy - A Neologism Up For Grabs

One neologism up for grabs. Take it if you want it. Use it freely.


Publicy: (Pub-lih-see):


1. The quality or state of being public.
2. The usage of Internet-based social tools to live wholly or partially in public, opening oneself up to scrutiny, and receiving criticism and/or praise.

When individuals do it, they share ambient intimacy with their social circles. (See Leisa Reichelt).

When organizations do it, they demonstrate transparency and honesty with the public, often engaging in two-way conversations with patrons and detractors alike. (Unlike "Publicity", which carries a connotation of dishonesty and manipulation of one's brand identity)

"Publicy" is to "Publicity" as "Privacy" is to "Secrecy"

I was looking for a word that had a more open and honest connotation than "publicity".  Jeff Jarvis calls it "publicness", but the similarity between "publicy" and "privacy" is too good for me to pass up. While "secrecy" and "publicity" have opposite meanings, they both have a negative connotation. Privacy needed its counterpoint too. Hence: Publicy.