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A Libertarian's take on the Detroit Water Project

I recently had dinner with a good friend, who, as it happens, is a fairly staunch liberal. He made a joke at some point in the evening about me being "a conservative." Of course, my political leanings are towards libertarian more than anything else, so to highlight the difference, I explained that he and I shared the same end goals, politically: I'm pro-choice, egalitarian, and against corporatism. I dislike military adventurism. I support equal work for equal pay. So on and so forth. "The only difference between us", I went on, "is that you think the way to achieve all of these goals, is through government". In the minds of my more progressive friends, their default instinct to solve any problem is a simple three step process: 1) Voting your conscience is just as good as acting upon it. 2) Tax "the rich" 3) Government will handle the rest. They're happy to let government act as a proxy for them, allowing someone else to do the w