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Google's Killing Me, Killing Reader

Google is killing Reader come July 1, 2013. This is a real shame, because the RSS protocol is truly a thing of beauty, and one of the great ways that original content gets distributed.  But to do so, it needs a client as good as the spec, and there was none finer than Google Reader, which could follow me from device to device, platform to platform. It was my gmail, but for web content.  Now Google's pulling the plug on the service, which is a real shame. I truly hope this isn't the sign of the New Google, where every service must have a 65% market share, and pump traffic into Google+ to stay alive. I'm a huge Google fanboy, and for me to think of something so cynical is probably not a good sign, Mountainview. See, it's not that I don't "trust" Google ( I don't think Google will ever "trap" my data, or use it for bad ends ), it's that I have a hard time investing much faith in Google when they are so capricious about the life and d