Friday, October 16, 2009

Sonoma Trip Breakdown - Day 2

We started today by dropping off Chris and Danielle for some antique shopping Healdsburg, while Richard and I headed to a few tasting rooms. We started at Dry Creek Vineyards.

They were wise to practically mandate a taste of their '08 Dry Chenin Blanc, a wine that may easily be overlooked. It shouldn't be. They also
had a Late Harvest Zinfandel dessert wine that was too tasty not to pick up. I bought a bottle of each.

Here are the wines of note:
* '08 Dry Creek - Dry Chenin Blanc (purchased)
* '06 Dry Creek - Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
* '05 Dry Creek - Dry Creek Valley Merlot

All of those should be distributed widely enough to find out of town.

* '06 Dry Creek - Late Harvest Zinfandel (purchased)

After Dry Creek, we headed across the way to a
n old favorite, Teldeschi.

I've had great experiences there before, and have sent a few friends to visit when I heard they were heading out this way. They make some seriously killer Zinfandel. I must've tried a dozen wines (thanks to Richard's insider status), but here's what I picked up:

* '05 Teldeschi - Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel (I got an extra for a friend who demanded that I bring a bottle back for her).

* '05 Teldeschi - Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Fra

Lastly, we zipped down the road to Unti. They normally only do tasting by appointment, but they were kind enough to squeeze us in, and we were treated like all-stars there. We got to try some truly outstanding wines. The folks at Unti really make the most of their outstanding Grenache grapes. UNTI was clearly the big hit of the trip. Not only did I pick up 3 bottles to bring home, but Richard picked up another for dinner on Friday night, and Saturday, out at Russo, we had a 5th (the '06 Barbera). Here's my pickups from UNTI:

* '06 UNTI - Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel
* '06 UNTI - Sonoma County Petit Frere
* '06 UNTI - Syrah

Time for lunch! We headed to meet with the women at Willi's Seafood Bar in Healdsburg. I enjoyed their Cucumber martini, and we passed around a half-dozen or s
o lunch entrees, including fried calamari, duck, baby back ribs, and crabcakes.

A stop a Big John's grocery, adn we got stocked up for dinner. We headed back to the house for a little relaxation and a few drinks. Then we fired up some music, and started prepping dinner. I made a spinach and feta salad with homemade vinaigrette made from Vincent Arroyo's Cabernet Balsamic Vinegar, and B.R. Cohn's olive oil. The main course was an old favorite, lamb chops with walnut mint pesto, and baked rosemary and garlic redskin potatoes. We had the UNTI that Richard picked up earlier in the day, and dinner at home became the highlight meal of the trip.