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The Gormogons: Followers à Gogo!

The Gormogons: Followers à Gogo!

What a kind welcome from the Gormogons! They haven't taught me the secret handshake, yet, but here's the "About Us" section of their page:
A secret society dedicated to the restoration of the Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania, the imprisonment of Esperanto speakers, and furthering the eschatological doctrine of the Return from Occultation of the Thirteenth Imam, Val Kilmer.

They're having a good time with a tournament bracket of their posts. My final four picks? Already screwed up in the first round:

Ghettoputer Region: "Canuckistan"
Ecumenical Volgi Region: "Nuclear Effing Power"
GorTechie Region: "Battlestar Galactica, New"
then, ironically, in the Czar of Muscovy Region:
"Dirk Benedict's Gonads"

Sadly, Canuckistan was struck down in the first round. :-(

Go enjoy the site. It smacks of ancient pre-HTML USENET irreverence.


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